The rules of this Wiki are pretty simple and mostly followed the same rules that are used in Dragon Pals itself.

  1. No swearing.  Keep it clean, keep it civil.  This includes censoring swear words with non-letter symbols.
  2. Be respectful to other contributors.  Disagreements and debates are fine, but leave the outright fighting for the Arena and Guild Battles.
  3. This is an English-language wiki and, at least until there are some multilingual moderators around, this is an English-only Wiki.
  4. Regarding rule number 3, we know that although Dragon Pals is an English-language game, there are lots of players who for whom English is their second or even third language.  To that end, we ask that all contributors do their best in terms of grammar or spelling.  Chat speak isn't allowed, though.
  5. Do not spam edits just to up your edit count.  Small edits are fine, even if your making them to an article you just published changes too; sometimes mistakes aren't caught until after you've already clicked to post the changes, but don't do it just to bump your numbers.
  6. Similar to number five, don't add categories one at a time just to increase that number in your edits record either.
  7. When making a new page, try to add at least a few lines to it.  It's alright if the page is still short; just drop a 
    tag at the start or end of the new article to flag it for other users' help expanding it.