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Vouchers are one of Dragon Pals in-game currencies.  They can be obtained for free -- and can not, in fact, be bought for Gold at all -- from a number of different activities.  Vouchers are much valued for their abilitiy to be subsituted for Gold during various purchases.

Earning VouchersEdit

In general, Vouchers can not be consistently earned, but the wide variety of chances to obtain them mean that players are able to accumulate them at a decent, if unsteady, rate.

  • Collect your Beginner’s Pack; amount of Vouchers recieved depends on what website you're using to play Dragon Pals.
  • Daily Rewards: Earn 80 activity points in order to get 30 Vouchers once per day.
  • Farming: Collecting a blessing from the Harvest Goddess will grant a Seed Chest that has a chance of containing a plant that yields Vouchers.  Aside from growing your own, part of the yield from these plants can be stolen from other player's Farms.
  • Holy Lands: 60 Vouchers are given to all participants upon clearing the fifth and tenth levels.
  • Cross Server Challenge: Using the Support system, a player can bet 200 Vouchers on the victory of a participating team of their choice.  If the player's chosen team wins, the player recieves a reward of 400 Vouchers.
  • Arena: There are two different ways to earn Vouchers in the Whisperers' Arena.  The first is to rank in the top 3, which provides 300 vouchers a day in addition to an Amethyst reward.  The second way to earn a spot on the Lucky List, which resets daily and awards Vouchers in a tier-based format, with higher rankings being worth up to 300 Vouchers.
  • Single Player Instances: Each SPI has a chance of awarding up to 30 Vouchers upon beating that Instance's Boss monster.
  • MP Dungeon: There is a chance of earning Vouchers as a reward after defeating the Dungeon's final Boss monster.
  • Continuous Logins: Vouchers can appear as one of the prizes.
  • Checkin Rewards: The second-to-last of the monthly rewards, checkin 26 days per month (automatic for VIP players, manual for non-VIP players) to earn 200 Vouchers.
  • VIP Daily Pack: Available to all levels of VIP, this pack gives out 50 Vouchers per day.

Spending VouchersEdit

  • Dragon Orb inventory expansion:
  • 7 Dragons EXP Card inventory expansion: 15 Vouchers per 5 slots unlocked
  • Dragon Guardian Talent reset: 500 Vouchers
  • Refining: 15 Vouchers per Attribute locked
  • Demon Invasion: 15 Vouchers to instantly resurrect, 30 Vouchers to instantly resurrect and auto-attack the weakest Demon.
  • Vouchers tab of the Game Shop