The Trivia Challenge is a five-minute long event that begins at 10:00 and 14:00 server-time each day.  During the activity, players are presented with a series of questions with a choice of two answers.  Answers are sumbited by navigating your Toon to the left-hand side of the screen to select the A answer or the right-hand side of the screen to pick the B answer.  While inside the activity, each player can see other users in the city who are not participating in that round of the Trivia Challenge but are unable to see those players who are part of the activity; this prevent players from being able to pick the answer most other participants are choosing.

Revamping the Trivia Challenge Quiz! EventEdit

On August 2nd, 2013, an event opened on Dragon Pals' offiicial forum calling for players to submit questions to be added to the Trivia Challenge.  While the winners were never publisized, 20 questions that were submitted during the event were taken and added to the Trivia Challenge.

Possible questions and answersEdit

Due to the timed nature of the Trivia Challenge, it is difficult to note down the exact questions that may be asked.  However, due to the Revamping the Trivia Challenge Quiz! thread still being available on the forums, it is possible to create a list of potential questions and the correct answer for each.

How Many Bounty Quest Can You Do Daily? A:20 B:10
Right Answer: A:20

What is the name of this game ? A: Dragon pals B: Dragon Buddies
Right Answer: A: Dragon pals

Question: What Coins do you need to make a wish in the well ? A:Silver Coins B:Lucky Coins
Right Answer: B:Lucky Coins

Who is the first man to walk on the moon ? A:Charles Darwin B:Neil Armstrong
Right Answer: B:Neil Armstrong

How Many Stamina do you get per hour ? A:15 B:10
Right Answer: B:10

Question:What item do you need to chat in World ? A:Small Trumpet B:Microphone
Right Answer: A:Small Trumpet

Question: At what level can you transform gems ? A:38 B:99
Right Answer: A:38

Question : How many bravery points you must collect to redeem 1 snuggle shard? A: 80 B: 800
Right Answer : B : 800

Question: Whats the most amount of stamina you can have at one time A:200 B:2000
Right Answer: B: 2000

Question: How many coins can you get maximum a day from Treasure Hunt ? A: 450, B: 350
Correct Answer: A: 450

Question: Which one lives in the North and can fly ? A: The penguin, B: The auk
Correct answer: B: The auk

Question: If you mix all the colors together, what do you get ? A: White, B: Black
Correct answer: B: Black

question:Jason decided to give his bike 3 coats of paint. Which coat would go on the first? A: the first B: the second
correct answer: the second

question: What will happen when u used the bounty charm ? A: You will receive a 5 star quest B: You will receive a bounty in your head

how many animals of each species did Moses take with him in the Ark? A:2 B:none
correct answer:none

Question: Which one of the following by R2Games is a mobile (Android/iOS) game? A: Dragon Pals B: Excalibur
Correct Answer: Excalibur

which one is many...??? A: the star in the sky B: the fish in the ocean
Right Answer The fish in the ocean

Question: how playable character in dragon pals? A.3 B.6
Right Answer: B.6

Question : what color make purple? A:green and yellow B:red and blue
Right Answer : B:red and blue

Question: to join in the trivia challenge, what is the level we can join? A.30 B.6
Right Answer: A. 30

question:how many gold coins can get for free i vip player per day? A:10 B:25
correct answer: B:25

Question: How long can you exercise for at a time? A: 7hours B: 8hours
Correct answer: B: 8hours

Question: Nomophobia is the fear of.... A: forget numbers B: Lose your cellphone
Right answer:B: losing your cellphone

Question: When Einstein was at school, he was failing in A: Music B: Mathematics
Right answer: B: Mathematics

Question: The fee to enter the Hero Tower is.... A: 30 Gold Coins B: 3 Demon Tower Keys
Right answer: B: 3 Demon Tower Keys

Question: To upgrade wardrobe from level 4 to 5 you need.. A: 600 points B: 800 points
Right answer: B: 800 points

Question: Black roses exists naturally in: A: Sydney, Australia B: Halfeti, Turkey
Right answer: B: Halfeti, Turkey

Question: You can get your 10th farm slot when farm reaches level: A: 60 B: 55
Right answer: B: 55

Question: Stendhal Syndrome is an illness that can be contracted A: In the desert B: Looking at an art object
Right Answer: B: Looking at an art object

Question: What gem level can vip 5 synthesize? A: 5 and below B: 6 and below
Answer: B: 6 and below

Question: What is the requirement for getting the wings? A: Recharge for the first time. B: Acquire from the first multi-player dungeon.
Answer: A: Recharge for the first time.

Question : Which plant gives you EXP when harvested? A:Snowy Vine B:Solar Fruit
Right Answer : B : Solar Fruit

Question : How many plots do you get when first unlock farm? A:6 B:3
Right Answer : B : 3

Question : How many attempts you had for Treasure Hunt daily? A:30 B:15
Right Answer : B : 15

Question : Which VIP level do you get 20% shop discount? A: VIP 0 B: VIP 4
Right Answer : B : VIP 4

Question : What do you get daily for VIP daily pack? A: 25 Lucky Coins B:25 Gold Coins
Right Answer : B : 25 Gold Coins

Question : How many attempts you get for each Devil’s Den event? A:15 B:20
Right Answer : A : 15

Question : 1+2+3+4+5=? A : 15 B : 25
Right Answer: A : 15

Question : 99*99 = ? A : 9801 B : 9901
Right Answer: A : 9801

Question : abcdefghijklmpqrstuvwxyz, how many letters are there? A : 24 B : 26
Right Answer: A : 24 (Less no – not inside)

Question : What is the currency of Japan? A : Yen B : Peso
Right Answer: A : Yen

Question : You get 1st place in a running race, what should it be called? A : Champion B : Runner-Up
Right Answer: A : Champion

Question : The largest Pyramid is which king’s tomb? A : Pyramid of Khufu B : Pyramid of Menkaure
Right Answer: A : Pyramid of Khufu

Question : What is commonly known as the Mogao Grottoes? A : Caves of the Thousand Buddhas B : Caves of the Thousand snakes
Right Answer: A : Caves of the Thousand Buddhas

Question: How much EXP does rank 1 in arena get? Answers: A:1000000 B:10000000
Correct: B:10000000

which is the best event?a.spire,b.tank
answer .spire

Question- What are the max number of bravery pts you can earn in the Guild Battle? A. 1760 B. 1800
Right Answer- A. 1760

Question- How many wishing wells are there in the game? A. 1 B. 2
Right Answer- B. 2

Question- How many wishing well coins can you purchase per day in the bravery exchange? A. 3 B. 4
Right Answer- A. 3

Among fishes in the ocean. Which is longer? A. Blue Whale B. Whale Shark
Right answer- A. Blue Whale..

Question: What does a mage use? Right Answer: Magic attack Wrong answer: Physical attack

Question: What does a warrior use? Right answer: physical attack Wrong answer: magic attack.

Question: How many Pebbles shard must you collect to synthesize it into a Pebbles? A:4 B:20
Right Answer: B: 20

Question: How many gem levels must you reach to upgrade your wings to level 2? A:100 B:90
Right Answer: B: 90

question : can humans breathe normally in space as they can on earth ? ans: a.yes right answer :

question : what card to be use to retrieve a stolen crop ? ans: A. retrieve card B. harvest card
right answer: B.harvest card

Question: 0 (zero) divided by 1 (one) equals ____ A. 0 (zero) B. I dont know!
Answer: B. I dont know!

Question: Who is the first man landing on the moon? A: William Shakespeare B: Neil Armstrong
Right Answer: B: Neil Armstrong

Question: Who is Sherlock Homes partner in solving crimes? A: George Washington B: John
Answer : B (John)

Question: Which one is the mage's skill? A:Meteor Shower B:Meteor Garden
Right Answer: A:Meteor Shower

Question: This guild event is daily..... A:Guild Battle B:Guild Temple
Right Answer: B:Guild Temple

Question: We can do this activity twice a day..... A:Treasure Hunt B: Demon Invasion
Right Answer: A:Treasure Hunt

Normally, how many liters of blood does a heart pumps every minute? A. 1 Liter B. 5 Liters
Answer: B. 5 liters

Question: What is a baby alpaca called? A: lamb B: cria
Right Answer: B: cria

Question : at what level does the skill window unlock? A:level 21 B:level 12
Right Answer : B:level 12

What is the name of the VIP Dragon? A: Goldaro B: Derga
Anwser : A

How many Bounty Quest can you do per day? A: 10 B: 20
Anwser: B

Which of the following is not a dragon in Dragon Pals? A: Gaia B: Titan
Anwser: B

Question: how many single player instances consume once battle? A: 10 stamina B: 5 stamina
Correct Answer: A. 10 stamina

Question: What is the name of the first Dragon you find? A: Gaia B: Snaggles
Right Answer: B: Snaggles

How many dwarfs does Cinderella have? A:7 B:0
correct answer:0

Question: The largest storm in the solar system is called: A: The Great Red Storm B: The Great Red Spot
Right Answer: B: The Great Red Spot

Question: How many dwarfs does Cinderella have? A: Who cares B: 7
Right Answer: A: Who cares

Question:What are the big cats that can roar classified as? A: Panthera B: Felis
Answer: A: Panthera

Question: What do they call the commonly seen images of a cat with right paw raised and has become a symbol of prosperity and luck throughout Japan? A: Matryoshka B: Maneki-neko
Answer: B: Maneki-neko

Question: They are a breed of cats which are known for their short legs, namely as? A: Sphynx B: Munchkin
Answer: B: Munchkin

How many days in a year can be Friday the 13th? A:1 B:3
Right Answer: B:3

How many birthdays does an average person have? A:1 B:75
Right Answer: A:1

Your doctor gives you 5 pills and says take one every hour, how many hours until the pills are gone? A:4 B:5
Right Answer: A:4

How much dirt is in a 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter hole? A:1m^3 B:0
Right Answer: B:0

UP UP, DOWN DOWN, LEFT RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, B, A, START BUTTON? How many lives did you get? A:30 B:99
Right Answer: A:30

How many nickels in a dozen? A:12 B:60
Right Answer: A:12

What event gives you dragon coins? A:Cage Match B: Devil's Melee
Right Answer: A:Cage Match

In a year, some months have 30 days, while some have 31. Guess which month has 28 days? A: The Second Month B: All Months
correct answer B

What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place? A: Foot B: Stairs
Correct answer B

What is it which is yours and you do not use, but others always do? A: Your Name B: Your Life
Correct answer A

Which letter of the English alphabet flies, sings, and stings? A: "C" B: "B"
Correct answer B

What theory was Albert Einstein known for? A) Theory of Relativity B) Theory of Evolution
Correct Answer: A) Theory of Relativity

Where did Charles Darwin study evolution at? A)The Galopogos Islands B) His lab
Correct Answer: A) The Galopogos Islands

Why do goats say 'Baaaah!'? A:It's their type of language B: In all honesty, they don't like eating grass
Correct answer: A

Harry is rubbing his eyeball saying: 'There is something in my eye!' What's in his eye? A: You can't tell B: His finger
Correct answer: B

What weighs more, 1 pound of lead, or 1 pound of feathers A: 1 pound of lead B: Tricky question u got there!
Correct answer: B

Question: How many experience needed for VIP 0 to VIP 1 ? A: 2 B: 5
Right Answer: A: 2

Question: Derga is ? A: fire dragon B: water dragon
Right Answer: B: water dragon

Question: Who I am ? A: Child of Fate B: Player
Right Answer: A: Child of Fate

Question: How to level up wing from level 1 to level 2 ? A: i don know B: achieve 90 gem level
Right Answer: B: achieve 90 gem level

Question: What is the use of gold feather ? A: engrave wing B: preparing a nest
Right Answer: A: engrave wing

Question : What The Name Of MP Dungeon Level 35-40 ? A. Ancient Demon's Cliff B. Tomb Of the Dragon King
Right Answer : B. Tomb Of the Dragon King

-Question : What The Attributes to Increases HP Points ? A. Endurance B. Intelligence
Right Answer : A. Endurance

-Question : What The Name Of Passive skill ? A. Support Skills B. Talents Skills
Right Answer : B. Talents Skills

-Question : How Many Challenge in arena per day? A. 15 Times B. 10 Times
Right Answer : A.15 Times

-Question : What the event name in 2 - 11 August 2013 In The Dragon Pals ? A. Dragon Most Talents B. Revamping the Trivia ChallengeQuiz!
Right Answer : B. Revamping the Trivia ChallengeQuiz!

-Question : How Many Slot Guild in Level 1 ? A. 20 B. 10
Right Answer : A. 20

-Question : How Many Position in Guild ? A. 4 B. 5
Right Answer : A. 4

-Question : What The Name Of Building to Research Technology ? A. Academy B. Warehouse
Right Answer : A. Academy

Question: If A is the wrong answer, then what is the correct answer? A. A B. B
Right Answer: B. B

Question: Where can you claim [Magic Coins]? A. Demon Lobby B. Demon Tower
Right Answer: B. Demon Tower

Question: Where can you claim purple crystals, needed for your weapon set? A. Dungeon Lobby B. Single Player Instance
Right Answer: A. Dungeon Lobby

Question: What is the name of the item, used to evolve your equipment? A. Sacred Stone B. Evolve Crystal
Right Answer: A. Sacred Stone

Question: Which of these are fancy wings? A. Majestic Wings B. Genesis Wings
Right Answer: B. Genesis Wings

Question: Which of these are growth wings? A. Divine Wings B. Butterfly Wings
Right Answer: A. Divine Wings

Question: A dwarf lives on the 8th floor. When he comes back home he uses the elevator to the 5th floor, then he climbs to the 8th floor on stairs. Why does he do that? A. He is training B. He cant reach the 8th floor button in the elevator
Right Answer: B. He cant reach the 8th floor button in the elevator

Question: After which day of consecutive logins can you claim all of the 9 gifts? A. 3rd B. 9th
Right Answer: A. 3rd

Question: How many times can u self practice in alchemy per day? A: 3 B: 4
Right Answer: A: 3

Question: How Many Bounty Quest Can You Do Daily? A:20 B:10
Right Answer: A:20

Question: What is the name of this game ? A: Dragon pals B: Dragon Buddies
Right Answer: A: Dragon pals

Question:What item do you need to chat in World ? A:Small Trumpet B:Microphone
Right Answer: A:Small Trumpet

Question: At what level can you transform gems ? A:38 B:99
Right Answer: A:38

Question: What Coins do you need to make a wish in the well ? A:Silver Coins B:Lucky Coins
Right Answer: B:Lucky Coins

Question: Orange gems give A : critical bonus B : physical attack bonus
Right Answer: A : critical bonus

Question: First day in the week for Guild battle is A: Tuesday B: Wednesday
Right Answer: A: Tuesday

Question:What do you do in Guild Temple ? A: you sing B: you pray
Right Answer: B: you pray

Question: The best orbs are A: orange B: purple
Right Answer: A: orange

Question: What's the reward for Cage Match ? A: Flowers B: Dragon Coins
Right Answer: B: Dragon Coins

Question: Mages' hair is A: blue B: pink
Right Answer: A: blue

Question: What do you need to engrave wings ? A: blades B: feathers
Right Answer: B: feathers

Question: Warriors fight with A: spoon B: sword
Right Answer: B: sword

Question: To help you, your dragons A: bark when ennemies come B: use special power
Right Answer: B: use special power

Question: What can you fnd in Demon Tower ? A: mushrooms B: gems
Right Answer: B: gems

Question: Last Chinese Year of the Dragon was A : 2012 B : 1945
Right Answer: A : 2012

Question: The Mesoamerican feathered serpent deity is A: Kuzco B: Quetzalcoatl
Right Answer: B :Quetzalcoatl

Question: Which one was a dinosaur ? A: T-Rex B: T-Shirt
Right Answer: A : T-Rex

Question: Your dragon pets have : A : curly hair B :little wings
Right Answer: B : little wings

Question: What's the latin generic name for dragons ? A: Draco B: Drakkar
Right Answer: A : Draco

Question: Cleopatra was queen of A : Saba B : Egypt
Right Answer: B : Egypt

Question: Which one do you eat in Europan restaurants ? A : octopus B : mole
Right Answer: A : octopus

Question: Which one is the hero of Odysseus ? : A : Batman B : Ulysses
Right Answer: B : Ulysses

Question: After Hiroshima, the second US atomic bomb attack in Japan targeted ? : A : Fukushima B : Nagasaki
Right Answer: B : Nagasaki

Question: Earth is A: a planet B: a star
Right Answer: A : a planet

Question: What item use to Engrave your wings ? A:Yellow Feather B: Golden Feather
Answer: B

Question: Number of gems leve use to Upgrade your wings ? A: 90 B: 99
Answer: 90

Question: what was the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate? A: Apple B: Idk
correct answer idk