Treasure Hunt Lobby (also known as TH) is a daily event in Dragon Pals which is unlocked every day at 12:40 (PM) and 18:10 (6:10 PM), with each round lasting for an hour.


Players fron different servers compete against each other for treasure (Dragon Coins). Each team has 15 attempts to hunt Dragon Coins.

Game modesEdit

There are two ways on participating the Treasure Hunt. First is by forming a team of three players, and second is by using a Dragon Guardian. The latter can only be played if the player reaches the top 20 in the Arena rankings.


Game ModeVictoryNo FIght Failure
Team30 Dragon Coins30 Dragon Coins10 Dragon Coins
Player-Dragon50 Dragon Coins30 Dragon Coins5 Dragon Coins

During special events, event-related items such as prize chests and token items can be earned for participation in TH battles so long as a player has any of their 15 attempts remaining.


  • There is no difference between the crystals when selecting a place to search for treasure; all of them drop players into the same combat queue and match searching teams with either the team who entered the queue immediately before or after them.