Server is a unique instance of the world of Dragon Pals.  Players are allowed to have one Toon per account on a server and there are no rules on how many accounts a player can create.

At the current time, the Cross Server Challenge is the only event that allows players to interact with anyone playing on a server seperate from the one said player is using themselves.

The servers are divided into four time zones: US East, US West, Europe and Oceanic.

New ServersEdit

Server Number Server Name Time Zone Date Opened
S147 Grey Goblet Inn US East June 3rd, 2014
S148 Nuledzir Highlands Europe June 7th, 2014
S149 Summer Peak US East June 11th, 2014

List of ServersEdit

Server Number Server Name Time Zone Date Opened
S1 Dragon Valley US East May 3rd, 2013
S2 Azure Coast Oceanic May 4th, 2013
S3 Misty Towers US East May 15th, 2013
S4 Westhollow Europe
S5 Frostfell US East
S6 Emerald Isle US East
S7 Black Mire US West
S8 Wyvern Inn US East
S9 Dragon Isle Europe
S10 Whitehaven Oceanic
S11 Glade of Kaada US East
S12 Misty Downs US West
S13 Stormcrest US East July 5th, 2013
S14 Willowshire Oceanic July 8th, 2013
S15 The Outskirts US East July 12th, 2013
S16 Shadowlands US West July 13th, 2013
S17 Icewall Europe July 17th, 2013
S18 Spectral Mountain US East July 19th, 2013
S19 Shattered Citadel US East July 23rd, 2013
S20 Blackfen Swamp US East July 25th, 2013
S21 Silver Serpent Inn Europe July 26th, 2013
S22 Lost Caverns US East July 27th, 2013
S23 Dread Lair US West July 30th, 2013
S24 Jade Forest US East August 1st, 2013
S25 Forest of Potions US East August 3rd, 2013
S26 Thieves' Forest Europe August 6th, 2013
S27 El Alamein Oceanic August 8th, 2013
S28 Dark Woods US East August 9th, 2013
S29 Scorching Deserts US East
S30 Mayan Precipice US East
S31 Elven Glades Europe
S32 Heavenly Coast US East
S33 Firespell US West
S34 Altspire Europe
S35 Westerwell US East
S36 Hidden Realm Oceanic
S37 Kravenville US East
S38 Sapphire Isle Europe
S39 Throgswic US East
S40 Golden Pyre US East
S41 Lost Pier Europe
S42 The Moors US East
S43 Direfell Oceanic
S44 Norsetown US East
S45 Kragston Europe
S46 Riverton US East
S47 Star Temple US West
S48 Frost Forest US East
S49 Druid's Grove US East
S50 Pearl Lagoon Europe
S51 Forest of Melodies US East
S52 Snowhedge Europe
S53 Ivory Plains Oceanic
S54 Skyfall Crest US East
S55 City of Crowns US West
S56 Emerald Forest US East
S57 Siliden's Mountain Europe
S58 Scarlet Jungle US East
S59 Rilysia Europe
S60 Swamp of Sorrows US East
S61 Isle of Pirahu US West
S62 Kibuna Highlands US East
S63 Vinoriath Europe
S64 Jungle of Ruins US East
S65 Nymph Woodlands Oceanic
S66 Blightmoor US West
S67 Cliffs of Insanity Europe
S68 Hammerfall Hills US East
S69 Fangwood Forest Oceanic
S70 Elysian Sea US West
S71 Blighted Path Europe
S72 Iron Mountains US East
S73 Desert of Fire US West
S74 Pamasko Forest Oceanic
S75 Winter Wonderland US East
S76 Whispering Woods Europe
S77 Caverns of Terror Oceanic
S78 Realm of Ghosts US East
S79 Glimmering Hollow US West
S80 Rose Citadel Europe
S81 Scarlet Empire US East
S82 Pearl Ruins Europe
S83 Crystal Sands US East
S84 Jade Coast Oceanic
S85 Crimson Drifts US West
S86 Silver Fortress Europe
S87 Black Lair US East
S88 Hall of Secrets Oceanic
S89 Red Flagon Inn US West
S90 Valley of Dreams Europe
S91 Starlight Forest US East
S92 Gray Mountains Oceanic
S93 Viridian Sea US West
S94 Isle of Synna Europe
S95 Bleak Pass US East
S96 Ravenwood Forest Oceanic
S97 Sea of Storms US West
S98 The Knave's Tavern Europe
S99 Wizard's Citadel US East
S100 Century Island Oceanic
S101 Realm of Comets US West
S102 Ashen Plains Europe
S103 Dagger Rift US East
S104 Sky Fortress Oceanic
S105 Cloud Canyon US West
S106 Spiderweb Vale Europe
S107 Twilight Grotto US East
S108 Willow Forge Oceanic
S109 Moon Temple US West
S110 Evil Catacombs Europe
S111 Golden Plains US East
S112 Frosty Summit Oceanic
S113 Sandy Lagoon US West
S114 Isthmus of Tizan Europe
S115 Blooming Caves US East
S116 Forelorn Wetlands US West
S117 Aphotic Plain US East
S118 Cregan Bluff Europe
S119 Blustery Ridge US East
S120 Misty Cascades US West
S121 City of Dust US East
S122 Clandestine Pool Oceanic
S123 Levington Falls Europe
S124 Deadly Rise US West
S125 Silent Reef US East
S126 Sunny Precipice Europe
S127 Paths of Illusion US East
S128 Cobalt Sea US West
S129 Valorian Fields US East
S130 Nayzan Desert Europe
S131 Blistery Tundra US East
S132 Secret Cove Oceanic
S133 Forbidden Pass US West
S134 Goblin's Gully US East
S135 Dark Ravine Europe
S136 Grassy Knoll US East
S137 Soulless Ravine US West
S138 Sea of Willows US East
S139 Foundry Hills Europe
S140 Wraithmoor US East
S141 Island of Avira US West
S142 Skitter Shore US East
S143 Mazarria Reef Europe
S144 Twilight Empire US East
S145 Silver Sea US West
S146 Oasis of Song US East
S147 Grey Goblet Inn US East June 3rd, 2014
S148 Nuledzir Highlands Europe June 7th, 2014
S149 Summer Peak US East June 11th, 2014

Merged ServersEdit

In general, most players will join the newest server released in a time zone that works with their schedule.  This means that as players on older servers lose interest in Dragon Pals and start playing, there a few new players to replace them.  When Reality Squared deems that a server has become too inactive, they will merge it with a number of other similarly low-activity servers.  When servers are merged, they are only merged with servers of the same time zone. Merging servers allows all players from those servers to see and interact with each other, but does not change which server a player logs in through or uses to access their Toon.  If a player has a Toon on more than one server and those servers get merged together, the player will still have access to all their Toons.

During a merge, some game data is lost, in particular the Demon Tower high scores table and Farm data regarding servants and past landlords.  Additionally, the merge will scramble players' Arena standing and ranks will need to be re-earned.  In the event that two or more players have the same name for their Toon, the name will be adjusted to [Toon name]-S[server number].

Other changes are as follows:

  • Characters with previously identical names (since the server number will be added on after the Toon's name) will be able to change their name for one time for free.
  • Similarly, if any Guilds have identical names, the Guild Leader will get one free Guild name change.
  • Characters level 30 and below who have been inactive for more than one month are deleted from the system.
    • These characters will be removed from the Friendslist of anyone they are Friends or Strangers with.
    • If one such deleted character is a Guild Leader, Guild leadership will be past to the Guild member with the highest Battle Rating.
    • Any items purchased through the Market by a deleted player will be relisted on the Market.
  • All Rankings will reset at 4:00 AM server time.
  • Honor Titles may be lost or altered.
  • Mail messages without attachments (i.e. items) will be deleted, even if they are in the Saved Mail folder.
  • The Guild Battle event will be reset and will not be held again until the first Monday one week after the merge.
  • Level up and Battle Rating blessing packs will be reset.
  • The EXP Recovery system will be reset.
  • Legendary Challenges will be reset.
  • Marriage Records will be deleted, though marriages between active players will continue unchanged.  Any new marriages on the merged servers will begin from listing number one.

The merged servers and their merge dates are as follows:

April 30th, 2013 MergeEdit

Time Zone Servers
Europe [S52] Snowhedge
[S57] Siliden's Mountain
[S59] Rilysia
[S63] Vinoriath
[S67] Cliffs of Insanity
[S71] Blighted Path
[S80] Rose Citadel
[S82] Pearl Ruins
[S86] Silver Fortress
[S90] Valley of Dreams
[S94] Isle of Synna
[S98] The Knave's Tavern
[S102] Ashen Plains
[S106] Spiderweb Vale
[S110] Evil Catacombs
[S114] Isthmus of Tizan
US East [S48] Frost Forest
[S49] Druid's Grove
[S51] Forest of Melodies
[S54] Skyfall Crest
[S56] Emerald Forest
[S58] Scarlet Jungle
[S60] Swamp of Sorrows
[S62] Kibuna Highlands
[S64] Jungle of Ruins
[S68] Hammerfall Hills
[S72] Iron Mountains
[S75] Winter Wonderland
[S78] Realm of Ghosts
[S81] Scarlet Empire
[S83] Crystal Sands
US West [S85] Crimson Drifts
[S89] Red Flagon Inn
[S93] Viridian Sea
[S97] Sea of Storms
[S101] Realm of Comets
[S105] Cloud Canyon
[S109] Moon Temple
[S113] Sandy Lagoon
[S116] Forelorn Wetlands
Oceanic [S77] Caverns of Terror
[S84] Jade Coast
[S88] Hall of Secrets
[S92] Gray Mountains
[S96] Ravenwood Forest