In general, NPC Quests are assigned in a linear fashion and each NPC will only offer a player up to two quests at a time.  There are two types of quests: Main and Side.  Since a quest can only be accepted when the one in the quest line before it has been completed, a player only has the option of accepting one of each type per NPC at a time.

Players can keep track of quests in the Quests tab accessed through the bottom navigation bar.  This will show the next quest in each unlocked quest line.  If a quest shows up in this panel listed in grey, then that means that the player does not meet the level requirments to take on the quest.

Quests will also appear in the Quests Tracking panel on the right-hand side of the game screen.  Available quests are shown in yellow text while completed tasks are in green.

Completing each quest earns the player rewards, most commonly Experience Points and Amethysts but occasionally items as well.

Each NPC's quest lines run independently of the other NPCs.  For that reason, this page organizes Quests by assigning NPC and then in the order that they are recieved from that character.


Rescue the PrincessEdit

A player's very first quest, this task introduces players to the basic story line of resucing and unsealing Dragons.


Princess (Main)Edit

Thankful HeartEdit

Level: 6

This quest is recommended as a player's first quest, though it is also possible to accept My Favorite Game before completing this one.

"To thank you for your heroism, the princess has brought you a gift!"

Requirments: Talk to the princess

Reward: 1,000 EXP; Weapon upgrade

Enchant a WeaponEdit

Level: 7

Powerful weapons can multiply your Battle Rating.  First, upgrade your weapon to 3 stars.

Requirments: Successfully enchant your weapon three times.

Rewards: 1,500 EXP

Guardian Angel (Main)Edit

My favorite game!Edit

Level: 6

"Add Dragon Pals to your broawser's favorites/bookmarks!"

Requirments: Add Dragon Pals to your broawser's favorites/bookmarks.

Reward: 50,000 EXP; Weapon upgrade