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Known as both Continous (sic) Logins and Consecutive Logins, this feature rewards players for returning to the game multiple days in a row.  Unlike most game features, C. Login rewards reset at 24:00 (midnight) rather than at 4:00 (AM).

Rewards can be held in the C. Logins panel inventory -- kept seperate from a player's standard Inventory -- indefinitely, but remain both inaccessable until collected and prevent the collention of new C. Login rewards once all C. Login reward slots have been filled.  Missing a day of login will result in all currently-held C. Login rewards to be added to the player's Inventory.  Unlike most other rewards, in both the case of a missed login and the case of manual rewards collection, items from C. Logins can be added directly to a players Temporary Inventory if they do not all fit in the permanent Inventory.

Possible RewardsEdit

  • Materials
    • Level 1 Yellow Crystal x3
    • Level 1 Blue Crystal x3
    • Level 2 Purple Crystal x2
    • Level 2 Blue Crystal x2
    • Level 1 Sacred Stone x1
    • Level 2 Sacred Stone x1
    • Level 2 Magic Crystal Stone x1
  • Seeds (always 1x)
    • Basic Star Fruit
    • Superior Star Fruit
    • Basic Lunar Fruit
    • Superior Amethyst Vine
    • Basic Snowy Vine
    • Advanced Snowy Vine
    • Superior Snowy Vine
    • Advanced Amethyst Vine
    • Basic Jade Vine
    • Superior Jade Vine
    • Advanced Lunar Fruit
    • Advanced Dragon Blood Fruit
    • Ultimate Dragon Heart Fruit
    • Basic Magic Fruit
    • Superior Magic Fruit
  • Stat Boosters
    • Level 2 STR/INT/END Potion x1
    • Level 3 STR/INT/END Potion x1
    • Level 4 STR/INT/END Potion x3
    • Level 1 PDEF/MDEF Scroll x4
  • EXP Boosters
    • Basic EXP Scroll x2
    • Ultimate EXP Scroll x3
  • Enchantment Stones
    • Level 4 Enchantment Stone x2
    • Level 5 Enchantment Stone x2
    • Level 7 Enchantment Stone x2
    • Level 9 Enchantment Stone x3
  • Dragon Orb Chests (always x1)
    • Green Orb Chest
    • Blue Orb Chest
    • Purple Orb Chest
    • Magic Box
  • Gems
    • Level 1 Gem Chest x1
    • Level 2 Gem Chest x1
  • Other
    • Invite x2
    • Felheart x2
    • Small Trumpet x3
    • Bounty Charm x1

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