A subset of Items, these are items that can be opened or otherwise used to give another item or items.

Gem ChestsEdit

Available in levels one thru eight, opening one of these chests will grant a player a random PATK, MATK, CRIT, CRIT DEF, PDEF, MDEF, or HP gems of a level corrosponding to the chest it came from.

Saintly Treasure ChestsEdit

  • Great Bear Power
  • Falcon Power
  • Rhino Power
  • Mammoth Power
  • Viper Power
  • Cheetah Power
  • Tortoise Power

Seed BoxesEdit

See Farm for more information.

Dragon Orb ChestsEdit

  • Green Orb Chest: Gives one random Green orb
  • Blue Orb Chest: Gives one random Blue orb
  • Purple Orb Chest: Gives one random Purple orb
  • Orange Orb Chest: Gives one random Orange orb
  • Magic Box: Gives one Energy Orb (500 EXP upon synthesis)

Wedding ChocolatesEdit

These items can be obtained by visiting Weddings, though in most cases there are only two or four thrown per Wedding, depending on if both the bride and groom are present or not.  The better the chocolate, the better the item awarded can be.  Chocolates give out one type of item per use but may give out more than 1x of the item.

Ordinary CandiesEdit

Luxuirious CandiesEdit

Extravagent CandiesEdit


  • Blessing Pack: Contains 1x Flowers and 1x Level 2 Enchantment Stone
  • Mysterious Chest (Runestone): Gives 18-888 Returned Gold Coins and may also give one level 4-level 7 Runestone.

Special Event ItemsEdit

Easter EggsEdit

  • Easter Chocolate
  • Floppy
  • Pinky

Anniversary ChestsEdit

  • Goldenshire Ticket
  • Merry Go Round Ticket
  • Mayan Pool Ticket