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Happy Valley is an area only accessible during certain events.  Contained within Happy Valley are three sub-locations: Goldenshire, the Merry-Go-Round, and the Mayan Pool.  Despite being classified as a location, Happy Valley is not truly a map but more of a prize area.  While anyone can visit the area, Happy Valley is only actually usable to those with tickets for the sub-areas.

Each ticket allows one visit to the ticket's corresponding area.  Each visit gives the players  a prize items.  If a player uses 50 same-type tickets at once, they are guarantied to win one Level 5, Level 6, Level 7 or Level 8 Gem Chest.


The prizes from each area tend to corrospond to an event that's happening in tangent with the opening of Happy Valley.  While level 5 to level 8 gems are always available, there is anlo usually the chance to win Wings, Clothing, and Shards.  Each area also tends to have at least one exclusive prize item.

  • Blessing
  • Great Bear Power
  • Falcon Power
  • Rhino Power
  • Mammoth Power
  • Viper Power
  • Cheetah Power
  • Tortoise Power
  • Platinum Development Card
  • Level 2-8 Gems
  • Life Source
  • Life Crystal
  • Jade Dragon Essence
  • Luna Dragon Essence
  • Level 4 Purification Essence
  • Level 5 Purification Essence


  • Goldenshire Ticket
  • Merry-Go-Round Ticket
  • Mayan Pool Ticket

Traveling VendorEdit

During events where more than one type of ticket can be won, the Traveling Vendor will usually allow players to exchange tickets.  Rather than being a one-for-one deal, players trade for two tickets of their choice by using one ticket each for the two two subareas.  Players can make a total of six ticket trades per day; two exchanges for each type of ticket.