As with almost all games, Dragon Pals players have, over time, come up with numerous sland or abbreviated terms.  In a game with a strict character-cap on all forms of communication, these abbreviations were often created for speed and easy of talking about them.  Unfortunatly, while this makes it easier to hold a conversation, these abbreviations can alienate new players who are not familiiar enough with the game to take a solid guess at what the shorthand stands for.  In some cases, unofficial terms also come about from the previous name for an item or event that simply stuck with players even after the game was updated.

This page largly serves to simply list the technical name associated with the slang or abbreviation and otherwise acts as a hub page linking each term to its full page.  Each term is listed alphabetically, with the list covering both common gaming slang as well as terms specific to Dragon Pals.


  • AoE: Area of Effect; most often used to refer to Skills that hit multiple enemies.
  • ATK: Attack
  • BR: Battle Rating
  • Cage Match: Devils Cage Match
  • Casher: A player who spends money for Gold, usually often or in large sums.
  • Contrib: Contribution
  • CRIT: Critical; has a chance to increase damage-dealt
  • CRIT DEF: Critical Defence; has a chance to resist Critical damage dealt by an enemy
  • CSC: Cross Server Challenge
  • DC: Dragon Coins
  • DCM: Devils Cage Match
  • DD: Devil's Den
  • DEF: Defence
  • DI: Demon Invasion
  • DT: Demon Tower
  • END: Endurance
  • EXP: Experience
  • Guild Leader: Guild Master
  • GM: Can refer to either a Game Moderator or a Guild Master
  • HP: Hit Points or Health Points
  • INT: Intelligence
  • Inv: Inventory
  • Lvl: Level
  • MATK: Magic Attack; used by Mages
  • MC: Magic Coins
  • MDEF: Magic Defence
  • MMORPG: Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game
  • MPD: Multi Player Dungeons; most frequently used to refer to the MP Dungeons daily quests.
  • Non-Casher: A player who is free-to-play or who only spends small amounts of money on Gold.
  • NPC: Non-Player Character
  • PATK: Physical Attack; used by Archers and Warriors
  • PDEF: Physical Defence
  • TH: Treasure Hunt
  • Toon: A character or player avatar
  • Stats: Statistics
  • STM: Stamina
  • STR: Strength
  • Vet: An experienced player approved to help out during the first days of a new server.
  • WC: World Chat

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