Friends are two players who have mutually agreed to work together to help each other, with one play sending an offer of friendship and the other choosing to accept or decline.  In the event that the offer is declined, due to either the recieving player not wishing to be friends with the offerer or being unable to accept because their Friends List is full, the decling player will still appear as a Stranger on the offerer's Friend List.

Friends are listed by first being sorted into two categoreis: Online and Offline, with Online friends being listed first.  For both categories, Friends are then sorted by Intimacy, from highest to lowest.  If a player is Married, than their partner will always be placed at the top of the Friends list, regardless of Intimacy points or online status.

Gaining IntimacyEdit


  • Farming : Pray to their Harvest Goddess statue, weed their crops, and even steal crops.
  • Alchemy: Help each other study Alchemy to increase Intimacy and your own Alcehmy level.
  • Ability to Invite to multi-player situations (MP Dungeons, Treasure Hunt, etc.).
  • MP Dungeon: Gain bonus EXP at the end of each Dungeon for each friend in your party.  Higher levels of Intimacy increase the amount of extra EXP earned.
  • Gain bonus EXP whenever a friend increases their Level or Battle Rating.

Character InteractionsEdit

Usually, character interactions are limited to using the Chat Channels or tracking down a character in-game in order to click on them and lauch the interactions pop-up.  Having a character added as a Friend gives access to those some interactions at any time.

Through the Friends list, selecting a character's name gives players the options of viewing the character's information, starting a Private Chat (so long as the other person is online), Dueling, sending Flowers, and Proposing.


While an EXP bonus can be earned for each Level or Battle Rating increase, iif a Friend gains more than one level of any type before the previous bonus is collected, the higher Level/BR will override the lower one and count as a single, unmerged Level/BR instance. See the relevant section under Experience for more information.

For the following tables, Expereince gained was recorded as base EXP and does not include the higher amount that can be earned by using Gold.

Battle Rating BlessingsEdit

Battle Rating Reached EXP
2 2K
3 3K
4 4K
5 5K
6 6K
7 12K
8 18K
9 24K
10 30K
11 36K
12 48K
13 60K
14 72K
15 84K
16 100K
17 120K
18 140K
19 160K
20 180K
21 210K
22 240K
23 270K
24 300K
25 330K
26 370K

Level Up BlessingsEdit

Formula for determining EXP gain for levels above 33:


Level Reached EXP
24 4K
27 7K
28 8K
29 9K
30 10K
31 11K
32 12K
33 13K
35 15K
36 16K
38 18K
40 20K
54 34K
57 37K
58 38K
60 40K
65 45K
66 46K
67 47K


While players can not gain EXP or earn Intimacy with Strangers, there are a few benefits.  First of all, once a player is listed as a Stranger, their character information screen can be viewed at any time.  Additionally, so long as a player is online, the Strangers list can be used to send Private Messages without the need to first track down that character in the game world in order to access the interactions pop-up.

It should be noted, though, that Strangers still count towards the total number of Friends that a character is allowed to have.