Gold is a highly valuable currency in Dragon Pals', but one that--for a variety of reasons--many players do not use due to needing to exchange real-life money to obtain a virtual one. Free Gold offers players a chance to get that much sought-after currency without having to spend any actual money, though it does take time. There are a wide number of ways to earn free Gold, with offers changing over time. Any Gold earned through these partnership promotions can be used in all the same ways as purchased Gold. In addition, once a player has earned 100 free Gold, they are able to unlock their character's Wings panel.

Unfortunately, Reality Squared does not involve themselves in the free Gold process beyond posting offers to their website. If any player has issues with receiving their Gold from any given offer, the player must contact the company that they failed to receive Gold from and resolve it on their own. Due to this lack of regulation, there is also a risk of player's receiving viruses or other malware when visiting website or downloading files to fulfill the requirements of a free Gold promotion.

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Free Gold can also be earned by worshipping the statues found in El Alamein and the City of Oracles, though this comes as returned Gold and can not be used to purchase Extra Value Gift packs.