Players may offer Gold in the Essence Offering panel in order to receive Dragon Souls. There is no limit to how many times a player can convert per day.  Unlike Amethyst Alchemy, there are not levels in Essence Offering.  Each offering is worth a base 1,580 Dragon Souls, for a maximum of 15,800 Dragon Souls per offering.  As with Amethyst Alchemy, VIP players get three free attempts per day.  All players can also earn one Dragon Soul Charm per day by collecting 80 Acticity Points in the Rewards Lobby, which allows for one free Essence Offering.  In the case of VIP members, free attempts are consumed before Dragon Soul Charms.

Other ways of obtaining Dragon SoulsEdit

  1. Challenge other players in the Whisperers' Arena
  2. Defeat enemies in the Zodiac Challenge
  3. Harvest Dragon Soul on your Farm, or steal part of a harvest from a friend
  4. Collect through Hot Events