Devil Cage Match (formerly known as Cage Match and Devil Melee) is a daily event in Dragon Pals that is unlocked every day at 20:15 (8:15 PM) and which lasts for 25 minutes.


Players from different serves compete against each other for Dragon Coins and Magic Coins. The longer the winning streak, the greater earnings gained. If a player kills an opponent, he/she can steal 20% of the opponent's earnings. In earlier versions of the game, Cage Match and Devil Melee events were separated. For the former, the reward is Dragon Coins whereas Magic Coins for the latter. The two events were merged as "Devil Cage Match" during the release of Dragon Pals 3.0


  • Once the player enters the Devil Cage Match, players cannot adjust their skills, dragons, orbs, Dragon Guardians, and equipment.
  • Once the player exits the event, he/she has a 3 minute cool down time before reentering the event


Cage Match

The maximum and minimum rewards for the Cage Match

Level Max. Reward (DC/MC) Min. Reward (DC/MC)


500/300 2/1


600/360 3/1


800/480 4/2


1000/600 6/4


1200/720 9/6
80+ 1500/900 12/7

In the event of a player being the only participent in their level tier, DC and MC begin being awarded to that player starting at thirty seconds into the player's arrival to the Cage Match and further earnings being added every minute afterwards so long as the player remains the only participant in their tier.  These earnings go directly into the player's winnings; therefore a cut of these coins can not be taken by any players who later join the match.


  • The Maximum Reward for Magic Coins is equivalent to 60% of the Maximum Rewards for the Dragon Coins