The Demon Tower (DT) is an individual event in which players fight hoarde and boss monsters of increasing difficulty.  Each victory results in a reward, with greater rewards earned for defeating more difficult opponents.  Each victory results in the player earning Experience Points and a chance to a variety of prizes.  During certain events, event-related items can also be earned from Demon Tower.

There are two separate towers within Demon Tower: Warrior’s Tower and Hero’s Tower. Hero’s Tower will unlock upon clearing level 100 of the Warrior’s Tower.

In the Warrior's Tower, players must defeat a boss every 5th floor. By defeating these bosses, players will receive Magic Coins which can be exchanged in the Crypt Shop. Players who gain a spot on the Achievements Monument will gain extra rewards. Players may quit at any time once inside the tower and may continue from where they left off at a later time, as long as they have reached one of the saving points.

When the player reaches VIP 2, he has the option to only play the final boss (level 100) and gets to receive rewards from the previous levels.

Demon Tower GlitchEdit

Demon Tower Glitch

The Demon Tower glitch shows that the player can fight while in the main city

There is a recurring glitch in the Demon Tower, the player can fight in the main city. This is done by exiting the Demon Tower after approaching a few inches from the monster. Just make sure that you exit the Tower before the Dragon Pals logo appears on the screen

Warrior's Tower PrizesEdit

  • Felhearts
  • Gems levels 1-3
  • Stat potions levels 1-3
  • Basic, Advanced, and Superior Experience Potions
  • Enchantment Stones
  • Magic Coins

Hero's Tower PrizesEdit

  • Level 70 equipment


  • Demon Tower Key: One key can be used each day in order to enter the Warrior's Tower a second time (after either completing level 100 or after quit upon defeat).  Three keys can be used once per day to enter the Hero's Tower.
  • Ressurection Pill: Used to revive upon defeat, rather than quiting and exiting the Tower.