Demon Invasion (or simply known as DI) is a daily event in Dragon Pals that is unlocked at 11:00 (am) and 22:00 (10:00 pm) as of Dragon Pals 4.0.
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Demon Invasion


Players must protect the Crystal from the invading demons. The Crystal's life core starts at 7 points. Every time the monsters break through it, the Crystal's spirit will drop by one point. After the Demons succeeded in breaking through the Crystal (or if the players destroyed all the monsters within that wave), a new wave of monsters will invade after 15 seconds. If the Crystal Core reaches 0, the event is considered a failure. However, it is still possible to continue the event even if the players fail to defeat the Demon King (see "Demons" section below)


Every time the player dies, he/she is given at most 30 seconds to cool down (this can be accelerated by using Vouchers or Gold Coins). The event also contains an Auto-attack feature which immediately attacks the monster with the lowest HP.


  • Resurrect: 15 Vouchers/Gold Coins
  • Auto-attack: 30 Vouchers/Gold Coins

For each these options, the cost is for one Resurrection or one Resurrection+Auto-attack. Outside of the Auto Combat panel, these options need to be manually re-selected (and paid for) every time a player dies.

Auto CombatEdit

When the player reaches VIP Level 5, the player can use Auto Combat. This allows players to go AFK and automatically do the selected action (whether Auto-Resurrect or Auto-Attack). During Auto-Combat, players automatically attack the monster with the lowest HP.


MonsterQuantityDamage points dealt (per monster)
Karade the Astaroth (as Demon Warrior)31
Behemoth Witch (as Demon Elite)31
Rahab (as Demon King)13
Lord of the Flames (as Demon Commander)* 31
Galgon, the Old God (as Large Demon King)* 1Crystal destroyed

*-These monsters are unlocked when the players defeated the Demon King

Profit AttemptsEdit

The player only has one profit attempt every day. When this is used up, players cannot receive damage bonuses (rewards); however, they can still receive rewards for destroying the demons.


If the players do not beat the Large Demon King in time and the latter did not break through the Crystal, the event is still considered successful. In the chatbox the text shows Noble warriors, you have stopped the demon invasion. The three warriors who did the most damage are... followed by showing the top three players with the highest damage dealt