Death Cometh is a recurring special ability by enemies in Dragon Pals. The ability is only seen in the Demon Invasion, and Holy Land quest events.

Death Cometh 1

A monster casting Death Cometh


Death Cometh is an attack skill which inflicts instant death to the player.  In Demon Invasion, this skill is used after the demon's fifth turn.  In the Holy Lands, it takes seven turns before this skill can be used.  This move usually deals approximately 70 to 80 million HP of damage to the player and it ignores the Rebirth skill during battle.


It is possible to avoid this attack by using the Dragon Orbs Pillar and/or Mountain, which both grant the player a chance to ignore damage. When this occurs, the player takes only 1 HP of damage, but the demon will continue to launch Death Cometh on its turns until it hits the player.