The Child of Fate is the central figure in the loose plot connecting the quests and premise of Dragon Pals.  Although the game is classed as an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), each player's character is refered to as the Child of Fate, the Dragon Whisperer, and the only one capable of befriending dragons and saving the world.  Interestingly, it is noted upon arriving in the first Village (simply called "The Village") that the player "yet another" Child of Fate.

With dialouge written in a light, humorous style, the Child of Fate takes a very causual approach to his/her role and is initially seen as very underwhelming by more than one NPC -- and not just the villans, either.  As each player progresses further through the game and completes quests, they will earn the respect of the NP Characters, though enemies still refuse to see any Child of Fate as a legitimate threat.

Outside of being assigned quests, a player's status as savior of the world is rarely addressed.  The title of hero is applied only once in events, with the establishment of the Whispers' Arena.  However, even on its own in-game icon this event is simply labeled 'Arena' and the shortened version of the name has taken root with players.

While perhaps a stretch, there is one Child of Fate who gets to hold the mantel of a hero: the leader of the winning Godly Challenge team.  Within the cities of El Alamein and the City of Oracles, there is a statue that each player can worship once per day for an item-based reward.

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