Introduced back in Dragon Pals 2.0, Bug Resistance was a rather short-lived event that recieved a poor reception from players and was subsequently removed from the game.

Game PlayEdit

Unlocked when a character reached level 30, this event required players to work in teams of three. Rather than being stat-based combat, it was more of a color-matching game, with each player on the team being assigned a color and needing to select bugs of the same color in order to remove them from the game screen. If a player clicked on a bug that did not match their color, the round would be restarted. Each game consisted of eight rounds, with players getting to play 15 games (also called matches) per day. Successfully completing a match earned each player Clovers, which could be exchanged for an assortment of prizes.


  • The idea of the Clover item was later recycled to a thematic item for Dragon Pals' St. Patrick's Day event. As with the original Clover, this item was used as part of a prize shop, both to refresh the available list of prizes and to purchase select prizes (certain prizes were available for Gold and required to Clovers).

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