Bounty Quests or, alternatively, the Bounty System serves primarily as a way for players to earn Amethysts and Experience Points.  As a secondary function, Bounty Quests are used in order to unlock a series of Growth Titles that grant a character a boost in stats.

Once the Bounty System has been unlocked, each player can complete up to 20 Bounties for free per day.  VIP members have the option of purchasing extra Bounty Quests.  The list of available bounties refreshes every 15 minutes.  In that time period, any bounty that a player has accepted or completed will rollover through the refresh without losing progress.  A player can only hold one bounty at a time.

All players get two free refreshes a day through the Bounty System interface.  The list of bounties can be refreshed an unlimited number of times by using a Bounty Refresh Charm.  In both cases, though, the use of a refresh does not reset the countdown until the next automatic rollover.

Bounty Quests come in five different levels.  Although there are a number of different types of bounty quests, each type can appear at any of the five levels.  Regardless of type, the amount of Amethysts and EXP earned for the quest is tied to the quest's level and is always the same.

Bounty LevelsEdit

Level Amethysts EXP
1 3,160 39,200
2 6,320 78,400
3 9,480 117,600
4 12,640 156,800
5 18,960 235,200

Types of Bounty QuestsEdit

Type Requirments
Arena Challenge Challenge other players 1 time in the Arena
Challenge other players 2 times in the Arena
Guild Wealth Increase Guild Wealth by 10
Increase Guild Wealth by 20
Single Player Instance Kill 5 demons in Single Player Instance
Kill 10 demons in Single Player Instance
Complete 1 Single Player Instance
Complete 2 Single Player Instances
Enchanting Successfully Enchant equipment 1 time
Successfully Enchant equipment 2 times
Refining Refine equipment 1 time
Refine equipment 2 times
Socket a Gem Socket a Gem
Synthesising Synthesize 1 time
Alchemy Study Alchemy with a friend 1 time
Study Alchemy with a friend 2 times


  • Bounty Refresh Charm: Used to manually refresh the list of avialable Bounties.
  • Bounty Completion Charm: Used to complete a Bounty without actually doing the task.  Can only be used by VIPs.
  • Bounty Charm: Used in the Bounty tab of the Quest panel to gain a five-star Bounty Quest.


  • Active bounties can be accessed from the Quest interface under the Bounty tab.  This can be used to both check an active but uncompleted Bounty and to recieve the reward from a completed Bounty when not in one of the cities.
    • Upon collecting a finished Bounty in this method, accessing the standard Bounty System will provide a new list of a full five Bounty Quests, rather than four new ones and the completed task, if the previous task was not completed before the Bounty System's automatic refresh.


  • For Gold/Voucher quests, 'use' is defined by how many times payment is confirmed, even if more than one purchase is combined into a confirmation.  For example, if Gold or Vouchers are used to lock Refining properties, the 'Refine' button would have to be clicked twice for a two use quest even if more than one property is being locked at a time.
  • When completing Guild Wealth Quests, the quest must be completed using either Gold or Amethysts.  Using Contibution Potions or Wealth earned from Guild events will not count towards the Bounty.